QR Menu & Ordering

Just like a tabletop kiosk, but without kiosk machine. Invite your guest to order on their own without waiting for staff.

Access your restaurant's digital menu. Have customers access your menu in a matter of seconds on their mobile devices.

Protect your customers with contactless ordering and have them easily place orders on their phones.

Help the environment by printing less receipts & orders, creating an efficient system for your employees.

QR Contactless

Offers QR experience in Full Dining restaurants with dynamic QR code assigned to each party.

  • Instant QR assigned to each party
  • Intuitive UI in customer’s end
  • Full communication/notification with monitor system in POS
  • Payment at the end

QR Table

Shorten the steps for servers by simplifying process with QR assigned to tables in Quick Service Restaurant

  • Static QR code assigned to tables
  • Intuitive UI in customer’s end
  • Payment for each set of orders right away

QR Curbside

Store specific static QR code activating only within specified radius around store location.

  • Store specific static QR code
  • QR code connects customer directly to store’s online order website
  • Orders made curbside goes in as ASAP order

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