with Style

Have guests dine wherever they want with Verona Delivery Service.

Contactless Delivery

Offer a safe experience to your guests by providing contactless delivery options.

Track Orders

Have guests track their order and have the option to schedule their order ahead of time.

Assigned Drivers

A local driver will automatically be assigned once the order is placed.

Take Control of the Guest Experience

  • Direct Order

Guests can order delivery from your restaurant directly.

  • Delivery Order

Stay on top of all delivery orders until they arrive at their final destination.

  • All Accessible

Have access to all orders that are placed and processed at all times.

Delivery Costs & Orders

  • Adjust to your Liking

Have the ability to change your delivery fee for your guests at your fingertips.

  • More Insights the Better

Receive detailed summarization of your restaurant’s delivery trends to adapt operations based on guest behavior.

  • Avoid Human Error

No more manual labor to accept orders! No need to manually input each order into the POS system either.

Third Party Integration

  • No Time? Not a problem.

Save hours of your time and the headache of managing multiple menus.

  • All Third Party Menus in One Place

Have a centralized platform with analytics of all third party menus to easily add and update menu items all on a single screen.

  • Say Goodbye to Double Entry

Create a peaceful working environment by significantly decreasing the amount of missed, delayed, or incorrect orders. Get accurate orders, every single time.

Start your journey now!

Take control of your restaurant with customized ordering, transaction, and increased sales!