Short for Kitchen Display System. Flawlessly connect your staff in front of house and kitchen staff to work efficiently to deliver amazing meals.


Have both the front and back end of your house run smoothly.

Customer Delight

Create repeat guests with this efficient system.

Completely Reliable

Designed specifically for your kitchen to connect with the front of house staff.

Can You Handle the Heat?

  • Amazing Hardware

This hardware can handle high heat and has great durability.

  • Still Counting Tickets?

Mount this system anywhere in your kitchen to make it easily accessible than looking for paper tickets to see an order.

  • Avoid Silly Mistakes

All orders from your front of house staff, third-party channels, online, and kiosks go straight to the KDS, enabling the kitchen to start on the order.

Focus on Amazing Guest Experiences

  • Via SMS or app notifications

Notify your guests or servers directly when orders are ready to be served.

  • Keep all tickets

Never lose a ticket as they are digitally stored as opposed to paper tickets.

  • Modifiers

Place modifications and info regarding allergens right in the front to avoid dishes getting sent back.

Happy Staff, Happy Guests

  • Accurate orders, every time

Send orders to appropriate stations and keep orders organized with alerts, timers, and detailed views.

  • Flexibility

Customize Verona KDS to cater to your kitchen setup and staff.

  • Bird’s Eye View

Oversee all orders that are fulfilled and completed all on one screen.

Start your journey now!

Take control of your restaurant with customized ordering, transaction, and increased sales!