Self-Ordering Kiosks

Enhance the guest experience with the self-ordering kiosk by reducing wait time, having your staff focus more on hospitality and other duties while guests are put in control of their own dining experience.

Contactless Order

Guests can experience a self-check out experience by customizing their meal and order as they like.


Orders placed by guests are sent directly to the kitchen to start preparing.


Increase conversion rates while minimizing wait times and maximizing staff productivity.

A Unique but Great Experience for Guests

  • Guests can pick straight from the menu

Guests can modify and customize their order to fulfill their needs.

  • Stay in Touch

Inform guests about their order via SMS text updates.

  • Contactless Payment

Once guests are done dining, they can pay when they want without waiting for their checks.

Build a Connection with your Guests

  • Menu Updates? Not a problem.

Inform your guests by customizing and updating your menu items on the go.

  • Avoid Kitchen Nightmare

Once guests order from the kiosk, orders are sent directly to the display screens in the kitchen.

  • Create a Loyalty Program

Encourage guests to sign up for loyalty or rewards programs during the checkout process.

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Restaurant

  • Reduce Wait Times

Guests can order right as they are seated without having to wait for a server/host.

  • Increase Sales

Create add-on menu options for guests to add to their order, increasing sales.

  • Staff Productivity

Free the staff to focus on important tasks and hospitality whilst guests order on their own.

Start your journey now!

Take control of your restaurant with customized ordering, transaction, and increased sales!