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From one location to multiple, Verona Multi-Location Management will run your business flawlessly in Back of House.

Menu Management

Create and manage menu for each location from anywhere.

Franchise Reporting

Centrally manage reporting for your multi-location group.


Approach restaurant group as a whole with entrepreneurship applied.

Create and manage menus for each location to keep brand’s uniformity.

  • Menu synchronization

Build and synchronize menu with different locations you specify.

  • Customization per Location

You can offer location specific / special menus for each location you want.

  • Location / Time-specific Pricing
Set the dynamic pricing for each location and time with full customization access.

Corporate level performance data across all locations in a single report. Loved by restaurant groups and franchises.

  • Sales Data

Compare performance across each locations and time to prepare for future.

  • Filtered data – the corporate essential

Group and filter each location based on location, performance, or by restaurant group.

  • Breakdown

Don’t lose any detail at store manager level. We guarantee full access to each locations for corporate perspective.

A system that is built to fit the food business operations.

  • Maintain consistency throughout the stores

Apply customized setting that fits to serving and kitchen workflows shared in restaurant group.

  • Minimize the risk, minimize the cost

Protect business flaws with features set at store-manager level.

  • Restaurant business compliance

Custom taxes can be applied to menu as a whole or for a certain menu item.

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