Point of Sales

Introducing your one and only omnichannel point-of-sales platform to run your entire restaurant business without need of third party integration at extra cost. We take care of every solutions you need.

Real-Time Accessibility

Experience real time connection to your sales, orders, and tables inside and out of your restaurant.

Unlimited Customization

Build your own POS system tailored to suit your needs and wants.


Take care of different locations all at once and build insights to fit each locations' needs.

Customizing Your Tool

  • Hardware Selection

Your traditional stationary counter POS can be joined with handheld mobile devices, tablets for management, or a mix of those.

  • Software Selection

Ditch bundle pricing, customize your POS system with solutions you need to run your business.

  • Solution at your fingertips

You are not tied to a specific set of solutions or hardwares. Build your solution set from POS, Kiosk, to Online Ordering, and Reservation.

Multi-Channel Order Management

  • Manage orders from different sales channels

Take orders from front of the house, online orders, and delivery services all on a single platform and to the back of the house automatically.

  • Automation made easy & with options

Manage orders from various channels automatically and terminate manual input so that the business runs more efficiently.

  • Keep all data on file

Never lose order data, track sales, discounts, taxes, in reports to protect your business.

Support Your Team

  • Shift and Schedules

Manage employee shifts and schedules and integrate with other employee management systems to simplify operations.

  • Automatic Tip Pooling

Distribute tips to employees for both credit card and cash tips according to the setting.

  • Administrative Functions

Protect both your employees and your business from suspicious activities by setting account permission, assigning what each staff member can do.

Start your journey now!

Take control of your restaurant with customized ordering, transaction, and increased sales!