Access and manage current and upcoming reservations with guests with a completely integrated system.

Mobile Friendly

3KO Reservation makes it easier for customers to make and check reservations.

No Programming

This system does not require any other or extra programming or developmental language.

As Many As You Want

A perfect and intuitive system for all businesses like quick service, cafe, and full dine-in restaurants.

Manage Your Reservations

  • Reservation System

Access all your reservations on any device that is connected to the cloud system.

  • Fast Automated Notifications

Notify your customers through e-mail or text regarding the status of their reservation.

  • Actionable Items

Make modifications to existing reservations and seat the next customer on the list.

Be Our Guest

  • Guest List

Recognize repeat guests and create a memorable moment by welcoming them.

  • Customization for Guests

Show available tables during the reservation process and allow guests to choose where they want to dine; from the bar to the outside patio.

  • Who waits in line these days? Not you.

Offer beyond the paper waitlist and have guests add their name to the list from their mobile device. Shoot text messages to guests to inform them their table is ready.

Be In Control

  • Staff Accessibility

Customize and manage the different levels of access for you and your team.

  • No More Overlapping

Avoid seating nightmare by having your staff confidently seat guests by section or by server.

  • The Host

With the ability to track each service and no need for calculations, create an environment for seamless interactions at the host stand.

Start your journey now!

Take control of your restaurant with customized ordering, transaction, and increased sales!